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Spiritual Director
Devotional Author

Calvin Wulf and Lisa Are Wulf

Spiritual Formation House


Spiritual Direction and Daily Devotionals

Welcome to the Spiritual Formation House, a place set apart for inner peace and sacred space as you journey with Christ. Are you looking for a spiritual director? Calvin Wulf is a seasoned spiritual guide. Does your thirsty soul desire inspiration or healing? Lisa Wulf offers daily devotionals for women to lift your spirit.

Drop in for a restful stop along your sometimes stressed and anxious path. Explore the secluded garden as you breathe the sweet aroma of Jesus. Meet Calvin by the lake for spiritual direction. Let Lisa show you how to deepen your daily devotional practice while you enjoy the tea garden. Be refreshed through silent moments with God.

At the Spiritual Formation House, you will find quiet for prayer as you visit the secret chambers of your soul. We offer safety to grow, question, and ponder hidden truth. Listen to God’s whispers as you escape the loud and hustling life that surrounds your everyday world. Be affirmed by gentle words that ascend on the wind of the Spirit.


Spiritual Director Calvin Wulf

You want a wise and encouraging spiritual director who has walked their own spiritual path through many seasons. I have lived a rich lifestyle of prayer, contemplation, and simplicity for more than 20 years.

Experiencing God is the essence of Christian spirituality. One of the ancients said that we don’t experience God because we have neglected our habit of contemplation. I would be honored to guide you in the ways of Christian prayer, meditation, contemplation, and helping you grow in intimacy with God.

I began practice as a spiritual director in 2007, following my ordination, and have been privileged to guide ordained clergy, seminary students, and everyday saints. I also offer supervision for spiritual directors. Located in Colorado Springs, we can meet in person or virtually on Zoom or Skype.


Devotional Author Lisa Are Wulf

Does devotional writing speak to you? Want to deepen your spirituality as you expand the horizon of your Christian life? I have just the thing for you. Join me in a sacred space where spiritual seekers are able to reflect on their journey. Let’s walk together toward God’s loving embrace.
It is my hope that these books will lead you to deeper insights about your Christian journey. May they guide you to places of healing and hope on your spiritual quest and refresh your soul as you walk along the path with Jesus. And may you experience silent moments with God.

“I went to a quiet place hoping to meet God.
But God was already there, waiting just for me.”

Meet Calvin and Lisa

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Calvin Wulf and Lisa Are Wulf, at your service and eager to walk the spiritual path with you. Here’s a quick snapshot from each of us.

About Calvin

For me, relationships are everything. I want to know and be known. As an elder sage told me, “Love everyone because we are all the same.” We are also different and that is good.

I love the sound of falling rain. My authentic self is a spiritual guide in everything I do.


About Lisa

Welcome to the Colorado mountains – perhaps an unlikely place to find a devotional author. Or maybe not!

I’m delighted to meet you. Whatever your spiritual journey, you’re never alone. My hope is that you find peace, hope, and love within this sacred space.

Gallery of Memes

Everyone can use a little spiritual pick-me-up now and then! So why not scroll through our collection of stunningly beautiful pictures. Each features a quote from scripture, a well-known Christian, or even from Lisa’s books. You can even share them on social media to inspire your friends.