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Calvin Wulf


About Calvin

Although I felt close to God as a child, I was a confident atheist during my early college years, until one remarkable day. I was walking home from class, enjoying a beautiful blue sky and joyful pink blossoms on the trees along the way. Thinking how life was so good, I said aloud, “God, I don’t believe in you, but if you’re there, let me know.”

That weekend, on a first date, the young woman turned to me and said, “You should know that Jesus is very important to me. Will that be a problem?” So, I shared what happened on my way home a few days before. I went to a nearby church the following Sunday and had several meetings with the pastor. In the span of a few weeks, my childhood faith was renewed.

I grew up in Fresno, California surrounded by 100 year-old vineyards planted by my grandfather. My dad taught me how to tend the vineyard so when Jesus talks about vineyards and harvests, I know his imagery very well.

I left my father’s vineyards for the University of California at Berkeley and enjoyed a 20-year executive career in human relations management. Although I thrived in the corporate world, I decided to pursue full-time Christian ministry instead.

I directed non-profits that coordinated with local churches to provide food, rent and other assistance to people in need and also enjoyed presenting retreats in addition to speaking and writing on Christian topics.

Colorado is my adopted home. Following our internet romance, I moved here to marry Lisa. We live in Colorado Springs where we enjoy a quiet and simple lifestyle. I love hiking in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and contemplating God in nature.

These days, I see myself as a Christian spiritual guide. It’s how I live.


Fun Facts

I love mountain gorillas

Special kinship with the
Native American Ute Tribe

Believe that bison should roam free

I think little birds are fun



Corporate human relations executive

Executive director of ministries
helping people in need

Retreat leader and published author

Spiritual director



BA in Economics – University of California
at Berkeley

MBA studies – Golden Gate University

Studies in theology, spiritual formation, and
church history – Fuller Seminary