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Spiritual Director

Calvin Wulf

A Spiritual Director – Listening to You

Every person has a story and every story deserves to be heard. All stories are sacred. Listening to you and hearing from the Spirit is the work of a true spiritual guide.

I compare the role of a spiritual guide to that of an orchestra conductor, ninety percent listening and ten percent waiving of arms. A conductor listens to each member of the orchestra. They encourage every player to bring out their best musical expression.

As a spiritual director, I spend a lot of time listening to you so that I can encourage your own personal spiritual expression toward your potential depth. I’d love to guide you along your unique spiritual path.


Spiritual Guidance

A spiritual director helps you understand your journey, find a way for you to follow, and guide you in your experience of God. Through this process, you can expect to grow in prayer, contemplation, understanding, and a peaceful soul.

An effective spiritual guide will not tell you what to do. Rather, they listen, encourage, and maybe offer a suggestion. But it is always in a collaborative style.

Experiencing God is the essence of Christian spirituality. A spiritual director is simply a person who knows the way. Such are the best people to serve as a spiritual guide along your way.


What to Expect

I like to begin with a free 90-minute, no obligation, conversation in person or virtually online. That will help you discern if you want me to serve as your spiritual director.  I would love to be your spiritual guide.

I ask a $65 fee for each session. It is helpful to start with a goal of continuing to meet for at least one year, unless you have a time specific need. You are the one who chooses how often we meet and what we discuss. Colorado Springs is my home base, so we can meet in person, or virtually on Zoom or on Skype. LGBTQ Ally


Personal References

I am pleased to present these personal references who know me well.

Vince Hovely

Rev. Vince Hovley, S.J.

“Diligent and wise in his own spiritual life, unusually well versed in the history of spirituality and in Sacred Scriptures, gifted in his ability to listen and discern, Calvin Wulf is a marvelous spiritual director. Further, he is a delight to be with.”

Rev. Vince Hovley, S.J.
Doctor of Mystical Theology
Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House, Sedalia, CO
Mary Stoneback

Deacon Mary Stoneback

“Even in casual conversation, Calvin’s heart is for helping others live into their God-given calling. Deep and prayerful listening comes naturally for Calvin and the light of Christ which shines through him makes you know you’re safe to enjoy a time of reflection.”

Mary Stoneback
Deacon for Faith Formation
Ascension Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO
Howard Baker

Howard Baker, DMin

“Calvin Wulf is a gifted spiritual director who drinks deeply from the liturgical, contemplative, evangelical, and charismatic streams of the faith resulting in a unique ability to lead others into the fullness of devotion to Jesus.”

Howard Baker, DMin
Director of the Christian Formation Program
Denver Seminary, Littleton, CO